WANT TO SAVE OUR WORLD, SPIRITUAL WARRIOR??? Then YOU MUST READ THIS NOW TO EXPOSE THEIR EVIL PLAN: Former Pfizer Employee and Whistleblower Reveals ‘Horrifying’ New Patent That Will Connect Vaxxed People to AI-Powered Algorithms And Track Where You Go and Who You Are With  By Brannon Howse, Leo Hohmann, 12 October, 2021Continue reading


ANTISENSE OLIGONUCLEOTIDES IS ANTIDOTE FOR VACCINE-BIOWEAPON SPIKED PROTEINS-PRIONS: Research Institute, report the results of preclinical studies of an antisense therapy against prion disease. In this new work, using an expanded set of prion protein -targeting antisense oligonucleotides, the authors have laid the basis for full scale clinical development. This research shows that, across multipleContinue reading “ANTISENSE OLIGONUCLEOTIDE”

Dismantling The Viral Theory

Dismantling The Viral Theory Updated: a few seconds ago HAS THE EXISTENCE OF POLIO, MEASLES, HIV, CMV, EBV, HEP C, EBOLA, THE FLU, ZIKA AND NOW … Dismantling The Viral Theory

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